CDFI Native American Initiative

A part of CDFI Fund's Capacity Building Initiative

"Our new Capacity Building Initiative will...advance sustainable CDFIs that can continue to provide critically needed capital, credit and other financial products and services to underserved communities for years to come."
— Donna Gambrell, Director, CDFI Fund

The Capacity Building Initiative greatly expands technical assistance and training opportunities for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) nationwide, and significantly boosts the ability of CDFIs to deliver financial products and services to underserved communities.

The CDFI Fund contracted NeighborWorks America to be a provider of complimentary training and technical assistance designed to build the capacity of CDFIs, including how to capitalize, how to operate highly effective foreclosure prevention programs, how to best manage financial and real estate assets, and how to effectively manage a Native CDFI.

Training targeted key issues currently affecting CDFIs and the communities they serve, including affordable housing and business lending, portfolio management, risk assessment, foreclosure prevention, training in CDFI business processes, and assistance with liquidity and capitalization challenges. In addition to high-quality coursework, the Initiative also included direct on-site technical assistance, organizational assessments and individualized capacity-building plans, and focused on extending CDFI coverage to underserved communities, especially in rural areas.

Current training and technical assistance:

The Leadership Journey II is a tailored, intensive program that allows established Native CDFIs and their leadership to focus on capacity building in the context of the distinct challenges and opportunities present in Native communities. Up to 15 Native CDFIs will be selected to participate in a training cohort that will collaborate over an 18-month period to access training, technical assistance, peer mentoring, and executive coaching opportunities. 

The Leadership Journey II cohort members will receive scholarships, supplemental training for additional staff from the participating Native CDFIs provided via live webinars and online peer clinics, individualized technical assistance, peer mentoring, and executive coaching for each participating Native CDFI.
"I've been to many, many trainings as a CDFI and this was exactly what I needed! I feel like people here are speaking my language!"

At the end of The Leadership Journey II, each cohort member will have increased capacity, along with new tools, models and strategies to foster the growth and long-term sustainability of their Native CDFI.

The Leadership Journey II online application is now closed. For more information, or if you have questions about this opportunity for the future, please contact Lee Anne Adams at

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