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Faculty-Led Courses

OnlineLearning-Social_OnlineClass-img.pngNeighborWorks Faculty-led courses are similar to the distance learning offered by many top-notch universities This interactive learning experience offers the opportunity to collaborate with an expert instructor and peers online. Courses are packed with resources and best practices that will immediately impact your work. Incorporating collaborative technology such as online discussion forums, chats and live web conferencing, our Faculty-led courses deliver a comprehensive professional development experience, while allowing learners to save valuable time and travel dollars and build skills when it’s convenient.

The benefits of faculty-led courses include:

  • The ability to communicate with and learn from both faculty and fellow learners.
  • Content delivered in weekly lessons, with deadlines that allow you to learn according to your schedule.
  • Feedback and instruction specific to the context of your community development challenges.
  • Access to course materials, resources and reference tools online following the completion of the course.
  • Saving time and travel money while benefiting from a NeighborWorks learning experience.
All you’ll need is a computer and internet connection to take advantage of this reasonably priced and highly effective professional development opportunity!

Upcoming faculty-led courses:

AH226vc Creative Project Financing Strategies for Affordable Housing
AM210vc Building a Property Deal Book as a Component of Your Asset Management Plan
CB277vc Building Leaders, Building Communities for All: An Intergenerational Leadership Curriculum Resource (formerly CB275vc)
HO105vc Compliance with State and Federal Regulations
HO212vc Measuring the Impact of Financial Capability Programs
HO307vc Advanced Foreclosure: Case Study Practicum
HO365vc Advanced Topics in HECM Counseling
ML120vc Strategic Thinking and Planning
ML173vc Grant Proposal Writing
"This was a very informative, resourceful, fast-paced course.  Recommended for those who want to obtain a good grasp on grant understanding, structure, and writing, this course is one to take!”
-Maria Lotho, Grants Coordinator, Housing Authority of Cook County 
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