NeighborWorks Training Institute Archive

Orlando NeighborWorks Training Institute, August 18-22, 2014

The NeighborWorks Training Institute heated up in Orlando with highlights that included  the symposium, Homeownership in an Era of Change (HO921) and fourteen new courses at this event. Orlando was an unforgettable experience. Find out more... 


Louisville NeighborWorks Training Institute, May 19-23, 2014

Our largest event  to date! Institute highlights included  the symposium, Telling a Purposeful and Powerful Story: Communicating for Maximum Impact (ML907) and the Green Leadership Forum (ML805). Louisville was an unforgettable event. Find out more... 


Los Angeles NeighborWorks Training Institute, Feb. 24-28, 2014

This exciting event included the thought-provoking symposium Achieving Impact through Regional Collaboration (ML921) and debuted a new training content area, Single-Family and Small-Business Lending. We can't wait for the next  NTI in Los Angeles - February 2015! Find out what you missed...  

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