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Symposium: Pathways Out of Poverty: Investing In Independence, Keeping  The Pathways Open (ML928)

Washington, DC • Dec. 13, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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Every day in America, local community developers are working to rebuild markets, provide and finance affordable housing options, offer financial counseling and services, and equip residents and small business owners with tools they need to succeed. Despite our efforts, many communities struggle to sustain the economic gains made through public and private investments. How can organizations respond in an era of fiscal uncertainty?
When it comes to housing and community, stability is essential to moving out of poverty. Community development organizations play a critical role in the creation and sustainability of the pathways that lead to mobility and opportunity.
In the culmination of the Pathways Out of Poverty symposia series, we’ll explore several themes related to the premise that strong local community developers play a critical role in keeping these pathways out of poverty open and equitably accessible to the communities and individuals who need them.
Over the course of the day we will discuss:
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  • The critical role of community developers to ensure access to these pathways out of poverty;
  • How public and private capital can co-invest to produce scaled outcomes; and,
  • The kind of organizational transformation required to evolve in this mixed-finance environment.
Join us as we detail the intersection of organizational sustainability, social enterprise and impact investment.
  • Community development professionals
  • Impact investors and funders
  • Small business entrepreneurs
  • Management and leadership professionals/fellows/consultants
  • Nonprofit board members
Register NowBuild your week-long NTI experience around symposium-related topics with the following course offerings:
  • Using the Home Program (AH113)
  • Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management (CHAM) (AM221)
  • Positioning Programs for Success: Connecting Program Design to Community Economic Impact (ED210)
  • So You Think You Want to Start a Social Enterprise? (ED215)
  • Money and Mission: Ensuring Effectiveness and Sustainability through Successful Financial Leadership (ML252)
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