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HO209b-rq Delivering Effective Financial Education For Today's Consumer

Today's consumer is seeking financial security — searching for real-time information on how to maneuver the maze of financial products and services, establish or rebuild credit, reduce debt and save for the future. Helping clients reach their potential through a variety of services has never been more essential. This course addresses the fundamental components to successfully deliver a well-designed financial education program starting with group education and the core content areas for instruction: Banking, Credit, Debt, Assets, Taxes and Insurance. Participants will explore growing industry trends surrounding comprehensive "financial capability" programs, lifestyle changes, counseling, coaching and measuring outcomes. Educators and non-profit leadership will learn some of the most current practices in implementing an effective and sustainable program that best meet the needs of diverse audiences. Innovative strategies using a variety of delivery methods, including social media will be explored, along with available resources. (Formerly titled: Financial Fitness: Teaching Financial Management Skills — updated 12/2010)

Note that the online primer course, HO209el Delivering Effective Financial Education is intended as an introduction to financial management topics that will be covered during the in-person HO209rq Delivering Effective Financial Education for Today’s Consumer course. HO209el cannot be taken as a substitute for HO209rq.
This course counts toward initial NCHEC certification.

Course Length: 3 Days

Tuition: $975

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): No