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CP255 How to Conduct a Rehab Home Inspection

Whether owner occupied or acquisition rehab, this advanced level course will equip housing rehabilitation, construction and development program staff with the skills needed to conduct a thorough, effective and efficient inspection of a home. You will learn the skills to properly conduct an inspection, including inspection challenges, the inspection process and routine, inspection forms, necessary inspection tools and how you should look, act and interact with the public. You will learn what items and systems you should be investigating and how to do a visual, non-invasive home inspection. In addition, the course will feature an interactive inspection process to help develop your skills. Attend this course and walk away with the essential skills and knowledge to conduct one of the most critical skills needed by any rehab/construction specialist.

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This is the first of three courses in the home inspection one week certification.

Course Length: 2 Days

Tuition: $645

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes