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Program Cost and Time Commitment

In a very real and explicit sense, the "price" of participation is the time, effort, work and commitment each team brings to the governance focus the board defines.

NeighborWorks America will expect each team to devote a substantial amount of energy and thought to really solving the governance goal(s) and mining this opportunity. In exchange for the substantial real costs being subsidized, NeighborWorks America demands that each team perform against their governance principles and performance focus and that each team also provide us and potential future participants with feedback on the experience.

Excellence classroom

Leadership Team Member Time

Specifically, Leadership Team members must participate in the three weekend-long trainings and board retreat. In addition, monthly calls between the Leadership Team and Coach are required. As program milestones approach, the Leadership Team will need to convene additional meetings in order to complete projects. Finally, prior to each in-person training there is required pre-work.

Full Board Time Commitment

Participation in the program requires a commitment of time and resources from the organization.  This includes but is not limited to a full board retreat with the Excellence in Governance Coach between June-September, agreement on selected governance principles, crafting of and progress made against governance performance focus, incorporating time for Leadership Team updates following in-person trainings into board meetings, etc.

"92.6% of respondents 'strongly agreed' to the statement "The Excellence in Governance program is worth the time commitment I put into it." (the other 7.4% agreed with the statement)"
Recent survey of Round 1 and Round 2 Excellence in Governance graduates

Organization Costs

Anticipated costs for teams include:
  • All expenses related to the board retreat to determine the governance principles and governance focus with the Coach.
  • For each team of five participants – ground transportation related to the in-person trainings, meals outside of the four provided during the in-person trainings, incidentals related to travel.
    • In-person trainings will take place on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate the volunteer nature of boards.  Sessions start at 8:30a on Saturday resulting in travel on Friday.  Sessions end by 4:00p on Sunday afternoon.  Participants are strongly encouraged to not leave early.

    • NeighborWorks America provides travel and lodging for each in-person training for each participant.

    • Should participants wish to stay and attend NeighborWorks Training Institute courses during the week, participants will assume a $495* discounted registration fee per person.  Lodging for the week will be covered through Excellence in Governance participation. 
      *Subject to change

  • Required texts: 2-3 identified texts will be required reading for the Leadership Team.

“Before Excellence in Governance, the Board did its job but relied too much on staff and did not have a sense of engagement and ownership…they did not know there was an alternative. Now we know what it's like to be engaged, excited, committed, and even to have fun and there is no turning back.”
Board Member, Excellence in Governance Class of 2014 participant via post-program feedback survey, October 2014
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