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Program Application

NeighborWorks America will select up to 12 organizations to participate in the Excellence in Governance - Class of 2020 to help “responsible” boards become “exceptional.”Ex In Gov classroom

Download the Application for the Class of 2020!

Board Self-Assessment Samples
DUE TO POTENTIAL EMAIL ISSUES WITH LARGE FILE SIZES, Please contact once you have submitted to ensure receipt.

Involvement of the Full Board and Executive Director/CEO

Because participation will require a commitment of time and resources from the organization as well as a full board retreat, a letter of acknowledgement and support that represents a vote of the full board and the Executive Director/CEO must accompany this application to ensure all members support participation, agree to a full board retreat and acknowledge the full board’s participation in and/or review of this application prior to submission.

Identifying the Leadership Team

The Leadership Team shall consist of at least one board officer, three current or emerging board leaders, and the Executive Director/CEO – for a total of five Leadership Team members – plus 1-2 alternates. The current term limit of each Leadership Team member should not expire during or within a year after the program ends. At least one board officer is required to participate. The organization is encouraged to select additional members who will assume or be elected to a board leadership role in the next 4-5 years. Organizations should select a diverse Leadership Team that reflects the constituency the organization serves, considering age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, religious beliefs, and national origin.

The most effective Leadership Team members are likely to be individuals who:
  1. Are sincerely enthusiastic about the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of your board.
  2. Are catalysts for change.
  3. Are willing and prepared to take responsibility for bringing the tools, concepts, and learnings from the program back to the full board on a regular basis.
  4. Are attentive and active listeners.
  5. Are willing to be continuous learners on topics of race, equity, diversity, and inclusion and the role they play in board governance.

Application Process

Download the Application for the Class of 2020!

Organizations must submit a written application with attachments via email by October 1, 2018 to
Phone interviews with the Board President and Executive Director/CEO will be requested in order to make final selection. Final selection will be made by NeighborWorks America.
All applicants will be notified of their application status no later than February 15, 2019.
All decisions are subject to Congressional appropriation funding.

NeighborWorks America strongly encourages interested board members and Executive Directors/CEOs to view the information webinar and the slide deck posted below.

If your board should wish to have an additional call with the program manager that can be arranged.