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Scattered Site Rental can be done successfully with thorough planning and execution. To support a thoughtful, thorough approach, NeighborWorks America has created this toolkit.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Kaitlin Franks, Peter A. Tatian, Kenneth Temkin, Neil Mayer, Charles A. Calhoun, Matthew Piven, Randy Rosso
This report documents the outcome from a three-year evaluation of the National Foreclosure Mitigation Program. Overall, the Urban Institute evaluation demonstrates that the NFMC program is having its intended effect of helping homeowners facing loss of their homes through foreclosure.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Jeffery Morgan
Read this report to learn of an integrated approach to neighborhood business district revitalization using the strengths of community development corporations (CDC) as a base. This report provides an assessment framework and initial decision-making process for CDCs to use in considering whether to pursue this area of economic development work, determining the capacity needed for effective action and assessing the potential and opportunity for success.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Noreen Beatley
The case studies in this paper explore the relationship between housing and health. It explains how building affordable green housing provides health benefits to low-income residentsand it identifies the benefits of green housing for the environment and energy efficiency.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Abigail Pound
Many community based organizations have been providing mortgage loans in low-to-moderate income and minority communities on a small scale since the 1970s. In the wake of the housing crisis, they faced special challenges. They approached these with emphasis on flexible underwriting, counseling and education, and a variety of other solutions.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Anne Gass
This report presents case studies of 12 nonprofit housing and community development organizations working to stabilize communities. It explains how the "five C's" of community stabilization help define and identify effective local community stabilization.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Eduardo Berlin Razmilic
This paper suggests a new information-driven framework is needed to help consumers evaluate the sustainability of their housing options. The paper provides an outline of this new framework and how it would work.

Read this guide to learn how community development organizations can"go green" through NeighborWorks Green Course curriculum. The guide includes information on education and skills training in healthy homes and green construction,and launching a Green Certificate program to train practitioners in successful strategies for green building and sustainable design.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Terry Galpin-Plattner
In the past, anecdotal evidence has suggested that resident services in affordable family housing help reduce operational costs. This is the third study to support and validate that anecdotal evidence with concrete data. The study found that resident services reduce operational costs related to vacancy loss, bad debt and legal fees.

View this publication to learn more about 11 Washington D.C. area members of the NeighborWorks Learning Center Consortium who have collaborated on resident services for those in affordable rental homes. Their efforts illustrate positive results in personal assets, property performance, and property location.

Displaying results 21-30 (of 36)
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