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Build your independence with these four tips for financial independence
As individuals and their families celebrate the nation’s Independence Day, NeighborWorks America offers four tips for individiual independence: seek financial counseling, don't rush into homebuying as mortgage rates rise, always get a home inspection before buying and "go green."
Report: Access to financial coaching promotes economic security
Today NeighborWorks America and the Citi Foundation released a report that demonstrates how financial coaching can level the economic playing field by helping consumers reduce debt, increase savings and reach their financial goals. 
NeighborWorks America receives Housing Person of the Year Award
This week NeighborWorks America received the Annual Housing Person of the Year Award from the National Housing Conference. The organization was recognized for improving the health of housing following the crisis of the last several years.
Stronger ties recommended between credit unions and community nonprofits
NeighborWorks calls for credit unions and nonprofit community development organizations to partner more together and expand the availability of financial capability coaching, lower-cost unsecured personal loans and housing counseling.
NeighborWorks remembers Martin Luther King Jr. with projects across the country
As the nation celebrates the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, NeighborWorks organizations across the country are partnering with others to carry out projects of their own to enhance their communities. 
Consumers should avoid quick-refund services and seek free tax-prep help
This tax season, consumers are urged to seek advice from nonprofit organizations that provide free tax-preparation services. This guidance will empower consumers to avoid scammers, such as those offering "low-cost," quick-refund services.