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Salt Lake City group fights crime by putting youth to work
Safety is one of the most basic requirements of desirable communities.
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‘Families and friends’ good for social support, not housing advice
Making smart choices will continue to be critical for both the next wave of new house buyers and existing owners working to hold on to their homes.
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Missouri group revitalizes neighborhoods with mixed-income housing and urban orchards
When we hear about declining downtown districts beginning to become trendy again, it’s good news. 
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Veterans in trouble need more than ceremonies and discounts
Veterans Need Housing Help
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Pathfinder Services evolves in surprising directions to meet Indiana’s changing needs
Reaching across sectors – housing, education and job creation to name just a few – to serve its community and fund its programs.
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Toledo group generates goodwill – and funds – with ‘buy a shingle, save a home’ campaign
Raising money quickly for a pressing community need while building public awareness.
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Continuing need for foreclosure counseling is sign of still-ailing economy
There’s good news and bad news in the to Congress this week on the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) program, which NeighborWorks America launched in 2008.
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Baltimore group serves community through ‘matchmaking’ and eHarmony could learn a thing or two from the homesharing service offered bySt. Ambrose Housing Aid Center.
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Avesta’s housing-first model for homeless defies common practice: It works!
HUD secretary report the average cost of a single homeless person in America was $40,000 a year.
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Rhode Island group capitalizes on ethnic diversity to strengthen local economy
Providence, Rhode Island, was one of the early magnets for the stream of Vietnamese and Cambodian immigrants.
Displaying results 121-130 (of 136)
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