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March 2017

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Partnership tackles America’s savings crisis
The presence or absence of emergency savings can determine whether a household slides into disaster following a lay-off or other financial crisis. Yet too many people have no such protection. A new partnership is designed to help asset-poor families develop an emergency cushion.
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'Missing-middle' housing offers return to walkable communities
Vibrant cities offer a variety of housing types, including single-family and small multifamily properties. The density of the neighborhoods creates a solid customer base to support local businesses. Sadly, however, the ability to recreate this type of neighborhood has declined with the growth of suburbs and a preference for single-family zoning. Now, there is a movement afoot to bring back small-scale multifamily housing called “missing-middle housing.”
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Five tips for catalyzing neighborhood revitalization
Fourteen  NeighborWorks members received grants to test whether impact could be greatly ramped up if they took a comprehensive approach to revitalization—focusing on many fronts at once. In this blog post, we summarize a report looking at the extent to which they succeeded and the lessons learned.

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