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How to Update Your Directory Listing

From the  website, type in the zip code of your specified area or choose the appropriate state. If your agency’s information is incorrect, please follow the instructions below.

Findaforeclosure counselor listing snapshot
Example: My address is really:
Belair Edison Neighborhoods, Inc.    
3400 Belair Rd.     Baltimore     MD 21213  
3412 Belair Rd.     Baltimore     MD 21213  

For National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program (NFMC) sub-grantees:

Communicate with your NFMC grantor; it is required to provide program coordinators with the correct information. 

For NFMC grantees:

If you need to submit changes, use the NFMC sub-grantee/branch list template and follow the applicable directions.  These documents are available here:
Highhlight your changes using a color. For example,additions could be highlighted in green, and any agencies that need to be removed could be highlighted in RED. (Note: These are just suggested colors; please note what the colors represent in your email.)
image 005
Please submit changes to