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Neighborhood Marketing Guide

The Neighborhood Branding and Marketing Process
As part of the Neighborhood Marketing Program, NeighborWorks America has assembled a number of resources and publications that share key concepts, strategies and tools to assist community-based organizations in creating positive neighborhood brands.

Download these resources to learn how to redefine your neighborhood’s image, create community pride, and attract and retain residents, business and residents.

The Neighborhood Branding and Marketing Process

Click the image or download the Neighborhood Marketing Program brochure to learn more about the neighborhood branding and marketing process.


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Neighborhood Marketing – An Overview: Why does your neighborhood need a marketing campaign?  This article introduces some of the key tools that you can use to help your neighborhood compete more effectively. You’ll learn how housing markets work, how perceptions are formed, and how marketing strategies can build a more positive brand. Read more.
Deciding on the Core Elements of the New Neighborhood Brand:  How can you identify the attributes or strengths that give your neighborhood a competitive advantage? This article walks you through the process of selecting the core elements of your new neighborhood brand. Read more.
Defining the New Brand:  What makes for an effective neighborhood “brand statement?” This article will help you craft compelling messages that resonate with your target audiences. Read more.
Evaluating Results:  How do you know if your marketing tactics are actually working? This article will help you to track your progress, evaluate results, and refine your strategies. Read more.

Check back for additional resources we continue to document and share best practices in neighborhood branding and marketing.
Neighborhood Marketing Program
We launched the Neighborhood Marketing Program to create strong neighborhood brands and rebuild market demand. Our program assists NeighborWorks network organizations with marketing strategies that bolster neighborhood strength while attracting and retaining residents, businesses and investment. Read more